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Why one should buy handmade clothes?

Posted on: July 12th, 2020 11:18 PM

Each and every handmade cloth has a story to tell as it has been made by someone for someone with love, passion and utmost care. There is always a debate that always happen whether a person should opt for handmade or machinemade! Ultimately it boils down to everyone’s choice. Children usually have cute handmade dresses but it is always adults who shy away. Here are few reasons which lists why one should have a handmade garment in their wardrobe.


1.      Unique: As each and every woven part is exclusively designed with high level of craftsmanship, they are always unique and are often craftly curated.


2.      Customizable: Handmade clothes are customizable to such an extent that anyone can get that designed as per the liking. Be it colour, design, patches or anything, just let the artisan know and they will produce it.


3.      Better fitting: As they are customized, they can be designed with closest fitting as per the measurements.


4.      Last long: As the fabric is carefully selected and garment is made slowly with less wear and tear they often last long and even if there is wear and tear it can be repaired as nothing happened.


5.      Emotional quotient: There is always a feeling attached with a handmade garment which cannot be described in words. No one knows that the product they are wearing has been made in the remotest village or has been made by a 60 year old artisan sitting day and night. An artisan not only knit a product, she knits emotions.


There are few benefits to environment as well which are mentioned below


1.      Environment friendly manufacturing: The most important thing about handmade clothes is that the production process is environmentally friendly. There is no usage of machinery, chemicals, water and hence there is no pollution.


2.      All the pieces are consumed as they are made as per order: As the production process is slow compared to machine made products there is always a demand supply gap resulting into no wastage of products. On the other hand, machine made products are often produced in bulk quantities with leftover products going to trash


Everyone should do their bit and should have at least 20% apparels in their closet as handmade as it not only supports artisans but is also socially and morally correct. 


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