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How ajoobaa is solving the production issues of handmade kidswear?

Posted on: July 11th, 2020 01:01 AM

Let’s first dive deep into the issues which is plaguing the handmade clothes industry. Based on our experience we found six major issues with respect to handmade clothing which creates a wide gap in demand and supply of these products. Those are as follows

  • Products are not available easily

Crochet / knitting is a skill which is usually possessed by ladies and has passed on from generations to generations. Products are not available easily to the masses as the skill is usually possessed by ladies from rural areas


  • Quality standards are not high

Even if the products are available the quality standards are not that high. As the products are handmade there is an issue with standardization. Sometimes products are loosely knitted and therefore looks saggy. Size becomes an issue as they are made just by an idea and wool quality / availability differs from location to location

  • If available, they are costly

Due to scarcity and products being handmade they are sold at high prices. Hence, with the obvious quality issues most people tend to avoid buying them


  • Not produced in bulk

Presently they are made only on orders or lady artisans do only for their newborn child. Hence quality designs are not produced in bulk.


  • Production time is higher

As the products are handmade, production time is very high. Even a normal dress set for a 2-year-old girl may take 2 days depending on the skill of the lady artisan


  • Designs are old fashioned

Fashion keeps changing but the designs pertaining to crochet and knitting have remained the same since ages. There are a lot of types of knitting but artisans don’t give it a try


Ajoobaa.in has created a virtual network of lady artisans who are given training and all necessary wherewithal to create a handmade product. To deliver the product on time, product sampling and the production is already done in advance based on forecasting and orders trend. In case if the customer wants to customize the product then even that can be done as well. For customization, customer needs to intimate the team by sending a mail on care@ajoobaa.in and brief about the design.


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